Beginner Russian Lessons

Free online beginner Russian lessons with audio. Perfect to learn your first 100 words and be able to have your first conversation.

#1: Meet Vlad, your Russian tour guide.

In this lesson you will learn a couple of Russian basics. For example, how to introduce yourself, the verb 'to be' in Russians and a tip how to not offend people.

#2: Four Reasons Why Russian Is Easier Than German or French

What you'll learn in this lesson:

  • Where did the articles go?
  • Russian word order is flexible
  • Why Russians love it when you speak their language

#3 You Already Know Some Russian (Surprise!)

Learn which words are the same in English and Russian.  

#4: Meet the 33 Shady Characters of the Russian Alphabet

It's time to learn the alphabet!

#5: Introduction to Russian Nouns

Learn the basics of how Russian nouns work.

#6: How to introduce yourself

Learn how to say hello and 11 other basic Russian phrases.

#7: Introduction to Russian verbs

In this lesson you learn the easiest form of verbs: -ать verbs.

#8: How to Form commands in Russian

If you like to tell other people what to do, this lesson is for you.

#9: Asking questions in Russian

Learn how to form basic how, when, what, where questions.

#10: Russian cases

Russian word order is flexible. But that means that we need another way to determine what the function is in a sentence: cases.

#11: The easiest case: prepositional

This is the easiest case in Russian and even beginners can learn how to say it in a short period of time.

#12: Small talk in the Russian metro

In this lesson you'll get to practice everything you've learned!