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When I was learning Russian, I thought there was something wrong with me

By Ari Helderman - Last updated: 01 Feb 2023

What if there were a proven formula that you could follow to become fluent in Russian?

Know 3000 Russian words: No problem.

Master the 6 Russian cases: Easy!

Have conversations with native speakers in Russian: Absolutely.

Contrary to what you might think, learning Russian doesn't need to be difficult.

However, you do need the right strategy and tactics. Otherwise you waste hundreds of hours following ineffective methods.

My name is Ari Helderman and I'm the founder of Learn the Russian Language. I'm from the Netherlands. And I started learning Russian in 2016, because I met a great Russian girl in university.

On the site I detail exactly how I managed to learn Russian. And I share with you my most effective strategies into detailed step-by-step instructions for you.

For example...

Several years ago I decided to document my progress by uploading a video to YouTube. Making weekly videos turned out to be one of the best things I've done for my Russian skills.

Watch the video below to hear me speak Russian:

Most people cannot believe that a non-native speaker can reach such a high level of fluency in Russian.

Even Russian people often ask if my mother was Russian, or they think I'm from the Baltic states. 

But you know what the best part is?

That my success was fully predictable. 

If you follow the right strategies and methods, you can also achieve fluency in Russian. 

And it isn't hard. It isn't complicated. All you have to do is spend around 30 minutes to 1 hour daily on learning Russian.

That's why I'm here.

To help you spend your time effectively on the things that work to become fluent in Russian.

And a quick boost to get you started, I made a list of 750 Russian-English cognates for you.

These are words that are basically the same in English as in Russian.

So you can instantly upgrade your vocabulary and speaking skills.

You can get it for FREE below.

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