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Why Russian is easy

Find out why it's actually easy to learn Russian. Knowing this will make you more motivated and improve your discipline.

Focus on speaking

Overcome your fear of speaking, and improve your accent so you sound more like a native speaker.

Grammar + vocabulary

Learn the easiest ways to understand Russian grammar and how to learn Russian words so you remember them.


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"The Russian coworkers I practiced speaking with have also seen a huge improvement."
- Charlotte

"The speaking portion of each day's work is obviously the most difficult for me, but it's getting easier now :)"
- Amber

"I don't think I would have gotten on such a strong path towards fluency without what you have done!"
- Steven

"I've bought the course and I find your insights into how to study the language very valuable."
- Terje

"I found your course extremely motivational and inspiring in how to become conversational and fluent in Russian."
- Paul

"I enjoyed your course and found the approach fun and stimulating."
- Lucien

"As someone who has tried learning Russian himself, I recognize many of the common mistakes which Arie addresses in his course."
- Kees