October 17, 2018
bez menya

One interesting Russian movie that came out this year is the movie Bez Menya (literal translation: without me). In English it’s called The Perfect Ones and it’s a mysterious drama about romance.

The movie was released in Russian the 18th of October 2018. The director is Kirill Pletnyov.

Bez Menya (the Perfect Ones) Plot Synopsis

2 girls, who were once in love with the same man start getting text messages from him (Dima).

Nothing weird with that – except for the fact that he recently died.

Now they need to go and unravel this mystery together. And in the process they learn a lot about themselves, their love and the world around them.

Watch the movie to find out if Dima is really dead – or if he’s playing a weird trick on his (former) girlfriend(s)?

Here’s an overview of the cast (source: IMDB):

Lyubov AksyonovaKsyusha
Evgeniya DmitrievaRoza
Darya GushchinaMasha
Rinal MukhametovDima
Polina MaksimovaKira
Anna KamenkovaMama Ksyushi
Kirill PletnyovVanya

Bez Menya Trailer (English/Russian)

Here is the Russian  trailer:

And here including English subtitles:

Is it a good movie for learning Russian?

The movie is good for learning Russian. As the language being spoken isn’t old or too difficult. So if you’re learning Russian, this movie is a good choice to get better.

However, if you want to watch more movies in Russian, then feel free to check out the movie archives – or this article about 7 interesting series that you can watch to improve your Russian.

Where can you watch Bez Menya online?

The movie was released the 18th of October in Russia. So unfortunately it’s not available online yet. If you happen to be in Russia, then enjoy watching the movie there! Otherwise you’ll have to wait a bit.

I’ll try in several months to see if I can find the movie online – including English subs – and add the link here.

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About the Author Ari Helderman

I started learning Russian seriously in January 2016. I created this site to help other foreigners speak Russian. You can follow my progress in Russian on my YouTube channel Ари Говорит по-русски.

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