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November 16, 2020

изучать / изучить conjugation in Russian – to Study/Learn

Down below you find the table of conjugations for the verbs изучать / изучить. In English the translation means ‘to study/learn’.

изучать / изучить conjugation in Russian

The stress of each word is on the bolded parts. Try saying the words out loud while you read to make sure they ‘stick’ in your memory.

Infinitive Formизучатьизучить
Present Tense
я – 1st Person Singularизучаю
ты – 2nd Person Singularизучаешь
он/она/оно – 3rd Person Singularизучает
мы – 1st Person Pluralизучаем
вы – 2nd Person Pluralизучаете
они – 3rd Person Pluralизучают
Past Tense
он – Masculineизучализучил
она – Feminineизучалаизучила
оно – Neuterизучалоизучило
они/мы/вы – Pluralизучалиизучили
Future Tense
я – 1st Person Singularбуду изучатьизучу
ты – 2nd Person Singularбудешь изучатьизучишь
он/она/оно – 3rd Person Singularбудет изучатьизучит
мы – 1st Person Pluralбудем изучатьизучим
вы – 2nd Person Pluralбудете изучатьизучите
они – 3rd Person Pluralбудут изучатьизучат
Imperative Form
ты – Informalизучайизучи
вы – Politeизучайтеизучите

How to use изучать in Russian?

Russian knows several words to say to study, but изучать is the most common to say when you want to say that you mean the activity of studying something for a longer period of time. It’s not used when you mean the general activity of ‘studying’ at a university, that’s учиться.

Examples of изучать / изучить conjugation

While reading the examples below, try saying them out loud. That will do wonders for your ability to speak Russian well. If you’re in a public place and it would be a little awkward to say Russian words, try to pronounce the sentences in your head.

If you make this into a habit to always pronounce Russian words while you read them, your speaking skills will improve 5 times faster than if you would not do this. It’s a small action that brings big results.

Russian exampleEnglish translation
Мой профессор сказал мне пойти изучать математику в университетеMy professor told me to go study mathematics in university
Наталья хочет изучить полезный навыкNatalya wants to study a useful skill
Я изучаю биотехнологиюI study biotechnology
Что ты изучаешь?What do you study?
Вы изучаете русский?Do you study Russian?
В колледже я изучал французскийIn college I studied French

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Author: Ari Helderman

I started learning Russian seriously in January 2016, and haven't stopped since. I created this site to help other foreigners speak Russian. You can follow my progress in Russian on my YouTube channel Ари Говорит по-русски.

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