November 20, 2020

Down below you find the table of conjugations for the verbs пить / выпить. In English the translation means ‘to drink’.

пить conjugation in Russian

The stress of each word is on the bolded parts. Try saying the words out loud while you read to make sure they ‘stick’ in your memory.

Imperfective AspectPerfective Aspect
Infinitive Form питьвыпить
Present Tense
я – 1st Person Singularпью
ты – 2nd Person Singularпьёшь
он/она/оно – 3rd Person Singularпьёт
мы – 1st Person Pluralпьём
вы – 2nd Person Pluralпьёте
они – 3rd Person Pluralпьют
Past Tense
он – Masculineпилвыпил
она – Feminineпилавыпила
оно – Neuterпиловыпило
они/мы/вы – Pluralпиливыпили
Future Tense
я – 1st Person Singularбуду питьвыпью
ты – 2nd Person Singularбудешь питьвыпьешь
он/она/оно – 3rd Person Singularбудет питьвыпьет
мы – 1st Person Pluralбудем питьвыпьем
вы – 2nd Person Pluralбудете питьвыпьете
они – 3rd Person Pluralбудут питьвыпьют
Imperative Form
ты – Informalпейвыпей
вы – Politeпейтевыпейте

How to use пить in Russian?

Whenever you say the verb ‘drink’ in English, you can also use the word пить. Bear in mind that the perfective aspect is almost only used with alcohol and generally means ‘to have a drink’.

Examples of пить / выпить conjugation

While reading the examples below, try saying them out loud. That will do wonders for your ability to speak Russian well. If you’re in a public place and it would be a little awkward to say Russian words, try to pronounce the sentences in your head.

If you make this into a habit to always pronounce Russian words while you read them, your speaking skills will improve 5 times faster than if you would not do this. It’s a small action that brings big results.

Russian exampleEnglish translation
После занятий спортом нужно пить достаточноAfter playing sports you should drink enough
Я всегда забываю, насколько убедительно наши соотечественники могут хотеть выпитьI always forget how convincing our countrymen can want to have a drink
Я пью стакан сока за завтракомI drink a glass of juice at breakfast
В пятницу выпьемOn Friday we’ll have a drink
Я слишком много выпил прошлой ночьюI drank too much last night
Сколько стакана воды Вы пьете каждый день?How much glasses of water do you drink every day?
Мы не пьем алкогольWe don’t drink alcohol
Пей, пей, пей!Drink, drink, drink!
Пейте это лекарство каждый день в течение 2 недель.Drink this medicine every day for 2 weeks.
Она хочет выпитьShe wants a drink
Он пьет яблочный сокHe drinks apple juice

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