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June 23, 2017

Thank You in Russian and 109 Other Must-Know Phrases When Traveling In Russia

What are the most common used phrases in Russian? If you’re going on a trip to Russia is a very smart idea to learn a couple of sentences that are very useful. For instance, can you imagine going to Moscow and not being able to say thank you in Russian? Or how to say hi to somebody?

Learning the 10 most important phrases takes you half an hour (and if you’re a really bad learner maybe 1-2 hours), but they can be indispensable on a trip. Knowing several words and phrases in the Russian language will make your stay so much better.

The locals will respect you for putting in the effort of learning some words.  You’ll be able to get some goodwill from everyone around you.

Most people do not put in the effort of learning even the simplest phrases. So, if you don’t want to be just another tourist going to Russia, continue reading…

Why learning how to say simple things like thank you in Russian will set you apart from every other tourist

Russian is a tough language. Not only that, but people also think that it’s impossible for them to even learn a couple of simple words. They mumble when they try to speak even the easiest sentence and proclaim that the language is just too hard.

For some reason, all tourists know a couple of words in Spanish, Italian or any other language. Heck, even tourists going to China usually try to say something in Chinese.

But when it comes to Russian, people for some reason think they cannot do it.

So, that’s your ‘competition’. That’s what you’re up to against.

And frankly, it’s also something positive. Why? because it will automatically set you apart from all the other tourists that go to Russia.

Not only will you get a lot of respect and admiration from Russian for trying to speak their language… but also…

You will also be one of the actual few people actually speaking Russian.

Because, you know – saying thank you in Russian is not only about giving your due respect to the people who live in the country you’re visiting. But it’s also a great way for yourself to have more fun while you’re there.

You’ll make more friends. You’ll have more good conversations.And you’ll simply have a better time in Russia (or any Russian speaking country for that matter) than people who did not put in the 30 minutes of learning a couple of phrases in Russian!

If you’re learning Russian, I recommend you check out the following pages about Russian grammar:

Thank you in Russian
Knowing how to say thank you in Russian will make your visit to the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow a lot more fun and interesting experience.

So, let’s not wait any longer and let’s dive into the 10 must-know phrases when you’re going to Russia!

10 Must-know phrases/words in Russian

So here’s the list of the 10 must-know phrases and word if you’re traveling to Russia. I encourage you to save this page somewhere of even to write the sentences down somewhere. In that way, you’ll always have access to them when you’re in Russia.

I’ve added the Russian word in both Cyrillic alphabet and phonetic – so you’ll know how to pronounce the word correctly.

Interested in learning the Russian alphabet? Read this article to learn it.

Thank you – Спасибо – Spasiba

The most common thing you’re probably going to say it thank you in Russian. It’s pretty easy. You can use this at any moment when you would thank somebody just like you’d do in English

Good day – Добрый день – Dobriy Den

Used to greet people. There are many ways to greet somebody in Russian, but this one is not that difficult and will get you through!

I’m sorry / Excuse me – Извините – Izvinitye

Can be used when you want to apologize. Or before you want to ask a question. If you’re a tourist in Russia, then this word can literally save your life!

Please / you’re welcome – Пожалуйста – Pazhaluysta

When you’re asking somebody to do something for you, then you can use it. Or when you’re giving something to someone. Bonus points if you use this at the customs when you go through visa control.

Goodbye – До свидания – Do svidaniya

Whether you’re leaving the cash register at a local shop or you’re leaving the hotel you stayed in. Saying this is always a good thing to make favorable impression!


Now, of course there are also a couple of questions that can be used to express yourself. Continue reading for a couple of nice questions that are always good to know. Note, for each question it’s good idea to introduce it by saying “I’m sorry” – Isvinite. Do this especially when talking to strangers as Russian is a very polite language.

Where is …….? – Где ……? – Gdye …..?

Self explanatory.

How much does it cost? – Сколько стоит? – Skolko stoit?

If you’re in a shop or at a local market, just point to the thing you want to buy and ask this question.

How do you say *English word* in Russian? – Как сказать *English word* по-Русски? – Kak skazats *English word* po-Russki?

If you want to know how to say a specific word in Russian, just ask a local (who knows English) this question and you’ll find it out!

Do you speak English? – Вы говорите по-Английский? – Vuy gavaritye po-Angliski?

Now, finding Russians who speak English can be tough. but you’ll know it after you ask this question.

Where can I buy vodka? – Где можно купить водку? – Gdye mozhno kupits vodky?

Alright, this is a little joke about Russian stereotypes. But, saying this as foreigner is guaranteed to get some smiles from your Russian speaking friends!

100 common helpful phrases in Russian:

The following list was originally published on: http://russian.speak7.com/russian_phrases. However, the page is not online anymore. That’s why I’ve decided to recreate it and share it here with you:

English PhrasesRussian PhrasesRussian Phrases
Good Morning!dObraye UtraДоброе утро!
Good Evening!dObriy dEn/ vEcher (day/evening)Добрый день/ вечер!
Welcome! (to greet someone)dabrO pazhAlavat’Добро пожаловать!
How Are You?kak dela?Как дела?
I’m Fine, Thanks!harashO! SpasibaХорошо, спасибо!
And You?a u tibyA?А у тебя?
Good/ So-So.harashO/ tAk sibeХорошо/Так себе
Thank You (Very Much)!spasibaСпасибо!
You’re Welcome! (answering “thank you”)pazhAlustaпожалуйста!
Hey! Friend!Ey, drug!Эй, друг\ Эй, приятель.
I Missed You So Much!Ya tak sil’no skuchAl/a (female) pa tibEЯ так сильно скучал/a по тебе
What’s New?Chto nOvava?Что нового?
Nothing MuchNiplOha/ NichivOНеплохо\ Ничего.
Good Night!spakOynay nOchiспокойной ночи
See You Later!da vstrEchi/ da svidAn’yaдо встречи/ до свидания
Good Bye!pakA/ da svidAn’yaПока/до свидания
Help & Directions:
I’m Lostya zabludils’aЯ заблудился
Can I Help You?Ya magU vam pamOch?Я могу вам помочь?
Can You Help Me? Vy mOzhite mne pamOch?Вы можете мне помочь?
Where is the (bathroom/ pharmacy)?Gde nahOditsa (vAnnaya/ aptEka)?Где находится (Ванная/ Аптека)
Go Straight! Then Turn Left/ Right!idite pryAmo, patOm nalEva/ naprAvaИдите прямо, потом налево/направо
I’m Looking For John.Ya ichU DzhOnaЯ ищу Джона.
One Moment Please!MinUtu, pazhAlustaМинуту, пожалуйста.
Hold On Please! (phone)PadazhdIte, pazhAlusta!Подождите, пожалуйста!
How Much Is This?SkOl’ka Eta stOit?Сколько это стоит?
Excuse Me …! ( to ask for something)izvinite! / prastiteИзвините\Простите
Excuse Me! ( to pass by)izvinite!Извините!
Come With Me!PaidyOmte sa mnOy!Пойдемте со мной!
Personal Info:
Do You Speak (English/ Russian)?Vy gavarite pa anglIyski/ pa rUsski?Вы говорите по-английски/по-русски?
Just a Little.Da, nimnOgaДа, немного
What’s Your Name?Kak vas zavUt?Как Вас зовут?
My Name Is ….MinyA zavUt …Меня зовут …
Mr…/ Mrs.…/ Miss…Gn / Gzha {GaspadIn/GaspazhA}Г-н/Г-жа {Господин/ Госпожа}
Nice To Meet You!Ochin’ priyAtna!Очень приятно
You’re Very Kind!vi Ochin’ dabrYВы очень добры
Where Are You From?Vy atkUda?Вы откуда?
I’m From (the U.S/ Russia)iz (ShtAtaf/ Rasii)из (Штатов/ России)
I’m (American)yA amirikAnetsЯ американец
Where Do You Live?Gde vy zhivYOte?Где вы живете?
I live in (the U.S/ Russia)(Ya zhivU) v (SaidinÖnyh) shtAtah/ v Rasii( живу) в Штатах/ в России
Did You Like It Here?vAm zdEs’ panrAvilas’?Вам здесь понравилось?
Russia Is a Wonderful CountryRasiya-zamichAtel’naya stranAРоссии-замечательная страна!
What Do You Do For A Living?Chem vy zanimAitis’?Чем Вы занимаетесь?
I Work As A (Translator/ Businessman)(Ya) rabOtayu (pirivOchikam/ biznesmEnam)(Я)  работаю (переводчиком/ бизнесменом)
I Like RussianmnE nrAvitsa RusskiyМне нравится русский
I’ve Been Learning Russian For 1 MonthYa uchiL Ruskiy adin mEs’atsЯ учил русский 1 месяц
Oh! That’s Good!O! Eta harashO!О! Это хорошо!
How Old Are You?SkOl’ka vam let?Сколько Вам лет?
I’m (twenty, thirty…) Years Old.Mne (dvAdtsat’/ trItsat’) letМне (двадцать/ тридцать) лет
I Have To GoMne nUzhna itiМне нужно идти
I Will Be Right Back!ya sichAs virnUs’Я сейчас вернусь
Good Luck!udAchi!Удачи!
Happy Birthday!z dnÖm razhden’ya!С днём рождения!
Happy New Year!S nOvym gOdam!С Новым Годом!
Merry Christmas!s razhdistvOm!С Рождеством!
Enjoy! (For meals…)Na zdarOv’ye!На здоровье!
I’d Like To Visit your country One DaymnE by hatelas’ pabyvAt’ v vAshey stranEМне бы хотелось побывать в вашей стране
Say Hi To John For me.PiridAyte (DzhOnu) ot minyA privEtПередайте Джону от меня привет!
Bless you (when sneezing)bUte zdarOvy (means be healthy!)Будьте здоровы!
Good Night & Sweet Dreams!spakOynay nOchi i priYAtnyh snOfСпокойной ночи и приятных снов!
I’m Sorry! (if you don’t hear something)Prastite minyA, kAk vy skazAli?Простите меня, как Вы сказали?
Sorry (for a mistake)Prastite/IzviniteПростите/ Извините
No Problem!Bis prabl’EmБез проблем
Can You Say It Again?Paftarite pazhAlusta!Повторите, пожалуйста
Can You Speak Slowly?mOzhna pamEdlenej?Можно по-медленней?
Write It Down Please!Napichite pazhAlustaНапишите, пожалуйста
I Don’t Understand!Ya ni panimAjuЯ не понимаю
I Don’t Know!Ni znaju!Не знаю
I Have No Idea.PanyAtiya ni imEyuПонятия не имею
What’s That Called In Russian?Kak Eta skazAt’ paruski?Как это сказать по-русски?
What Does “horosho” Mean In English?chtO znAchit “horosho” na angliskam?Что значит «horosho» на английском?
How Do You Say “Please” In Russian?kAk skazAt’ “please” parUski?Как сказать “please” по-русски?
What Is This?chtO eta? (short: chtOyto?)Что это?
My Russian Is Bad.U  min’A plOha s rUskimУ меня плохо с русским
I need to practice my RussianmnE nUzhna praktikovAt’sa v RusskamМне нужно практиковаться в русском
Don’t Worry!Ni bispakOytis’Не беспокойтесь
Expressions & Words:
Good/ Bad/ So-So.HarOshiy/ PlahOy/ tAk sibeХороший/Плохой/Так себе
Big/ Small Bal’shOy {Aya/Oye}/ mAlin’kiy {aya/ oye}Маленький {-ая} {-ое} / Большой {-ая} {-ое}
Today/ NowaivOdn’a/ SichAsСегодня/ Сейчас
Tomorrow/ YesterdayzAftra/ fchirAЗавтра/ Вчера
Yes/ Noda/ N’etДа/ Нет
Here You Go! (when giving something)Vot/ Vot, vaz’miteВот/ Вот, возьмите
Do You Like It?Vam (etanrAvitsa?Вам (это) нравится?
I Really Like It!Mne Eta Ochin’ nrAvitsa!Мне (это) очень нравится!
I’m Hungry/ Thirsty.Ya hAchu YEst’/ Ya hAchu pit’Я хочу есть/ Я хочу пить
In The Morning/ Evening/ At Night.utrAm/ vEchirom/ nOch’yuУтром/ Вечером/ Ночью
This/ That. Here/ThereEta/ To. Zdes’/ TamЭто/То. Здесь/Там
To Me/To You.  To Him/ To Her.Mn’e / tibE (vam). yimU (imU) / yeyмне / тебе (вам). ему / ей
Really!na sAmom deliНа самом деле
Hurry Up!Patarapis’! (Davay …/Davayte …)Поторопись! (Давай … /Давайте …)
What? Where?Shto? / Gde?Что? Где?
What Time Is It?Skol’ka sichAs vr’Emini?Сколько сейчас времени?
It’s 10 o’clock. 07:30pm.Desyat’ chasof. / sEm’ tritsat’ vEchiraДесять часов/ Семь тридцать вечера
Give Me This!DAy mn’e … DAyti mn’e …Дай мне … Дайте мне …
I Love You!Ya tibyA l’ublyUЯ тебя люблю
I Feel Sick.Ya sibyA ploha chUstvuyuЯ себя плохо чувствую
I Need A DoctorMnE nUzhin vrAchМне нужен врач
One, Two, Threeadin, dvA, triОдин, два, три
Four, Five, SixchitYri, p’At’, shEst’Четыре, пять, шесть
Seven, Eight, Nine, TensEm’, vOsim’, dEvit’, dEsit’Семь, восемь, девять, десять

Want to learn more Russian?

So, that was it. The 10 must-know phrases in Russia. If you’re travelling to Russia as a tourist or for business purposes it’s always a good idea to stock up on some common knowledge on the language. It is guaranteed to get you a lot of respect from the Russians and it can even make you some new friends.

Unfortunately, there’s a limit to the amount of words and phrases I can teach you in a single article. For those of you who want to learn more Russian words, I recommend you invest in some good quality audio program. You can listen to it on the plane to Russia and you’ll pick up on some new words.

P.S. Want to find out which program I used to become fluent in Russian? Read this article  to find out how you too can learn Russian the easy way!

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