Russian Podcast -7 Reasons Why You Should Listen To Russianpod101

By Ari Helderman
September 8, 2021

If you haven’t listened to a Russian podcast from Russianpod 101 yet, you’re missing out on a lot of good and helpful information and tips. It has been one of the most influential and effective Russian learning programs I have ever listened to. To share my enthusiasm, I’m going to give you 7 reasons why you too should listen to the Russian podcast of Russianpod 101.


If you have been following the site for a while, you’ve already seen some of the benefits of listening to Russianpod 101. If you’re new to, these posts will get you up to date:


Reason #1 – So much content it will keep you busy for years

As someone who prides himself of being very consistent (I listen to at least 10 minutes of Russian audio/Russian podcast every day). And many days I put in an hour or more of Russian podcasts. So even at this rate I have only finished all the lessons of Russianpod 101.

It’s been over a year since I first started listening to their Russian podcast and only a couple of months ago I finished all of them. Simply because there are so many of them. Because, they have 5 different levels (Absolute Beginner to Advanced Learner).

Each of these levels contains several seasons (14 in total – so an average of 3 seasons per level).

Each seasons contains 25 lessons.

And each lesson is around 15 minutes of audio.

So in total, that’s more than 75 hours of Russian podcast!

And that’s only the audio the part… if you are going to use their video lessons and other tools (such as their 2000 most common words list), you’ll can get even more value out of it.


Reason #2 – Their Russian podcast contains all the necessary ingredients for success

If you want to become good at speaking Russian, you need all the help you can get. And what’s more – you need help that is actually helpful. What you want is a program of resource that helps you with all the aspects of the Russian language.

You know. Things like:

  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Pronunciation
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Common used expression
  • And even Russian culture

If you have a program that lacks one of them you’ll develop an imbalance in your learning. Now, this doesn’t necessarily have to be bad. For instance, if the main reason why you want to learn Russian is, let’s say, to speak Russian with your family or friends. Then it’s not that bad if you mainly focus on speaking and listening to get better at conversational Russian.

But if you want to become fluent in Russian, then you need to know all the aspects. You want to be able to have conversations with Russians, read a Russian book, and maybe even write a letter (or email or text message) по-Русски!


Watch this video where I tell you in Russian (with English subtitles) 9 reasons why Russian is actually easy to learn.

So what does Russianpod 101 have to offer?

that’s why it’s important to find a program that focuses on all the aspects. And the Russian podcast of Russianpod 101 does exactly that! Even though it’s a podcast (so the main emphasis is one listening and speaking) it does a good job of explaining grammar and vocabulary.

And what’s more, by logging in and going to the page of the Russian podcast, you get a lot of extra goodies. You can, for instance download the PDF of the lesson in which:

  • A complete overview of the dialogue is given (in Russian and in English) so you can practice your reading skills.
  • All the vocabulary is shown in a neat organised manner.
  • The grammar rules are explained with easy-to-follow examples.
  • And a lot more!


Russian podcast
On the page of each audio lesson from Russianpod 101 you can find all sorts of extra information about the Russian podcast. You can for instance download the lesson PDF in which the entire dialogue is written in Russian and in English – so you can practice your reading skills as well!


Reason #3 – You’ll become a better Russian speaker

What many people mean when they say they’re learning Russian is that they want to speak Russian. While the two are generally interchangeable, it is important to make a distinction. If you’re a non-native of any language you will get the most bang for your buck of you focus on speaking.

Heck, I even wrote an entire article on how to become a better Russian speaker.

The thing is, not all language courses are created equal, and your time and attention is limited. Therefore it’s important that you pick a program that focuses on speaking. And actually makes you a better speaker.

Russianpod 101 does exactly that. Not only is audio a great way to pick up on the subtle nuances of the language, it will also make you a better listener.

And listening is as important as speaking. Arguably more important. If you can speak Russian like a native, but still have problems listening to what is being said – you will struggle with even the simplest conversations.

And listening makes you a better speaker too. How? While listening to the Russian podcast, simply repeat the words and phrases out loud so you’ll get a feeling for them

And if that feels weird, or you’re in a public place? Just repeat them in your mind. Even though repeating words and phrases out loud is more effective, you will still reap the benefits.

And speaking about saying Russian words and sentences out loud…


Reason #4 – You’ll learn the correct pronunciation of words

Even though it’s probably impossible to not have an accent  speaking Russian as a foreigner, it’s still a goal of many Russian learners to speak as well as possible.

And even if you don’t really care about having an accent – it’s still a very good idea to focus on how to pronounce Russian correctly. The benefits are endless of having the correct pronunciation of Russian words:

  • You will be understood a lot better than if you were wrongly pronouncing. Think about a foreigner trying to speak English (or whatever language your mother tongue is) with you. If he has a thick accent and pronounces incorrectly, you’ll have a lot of problems understanding him or her and conversations will be pretty tough.
  • People will compliment you on the way you speak Russian. It’s always a good thing to get a compliment, and trust me – when a Russian speaker says you barely have an accent, it feels great. I even had a lot of questions if my mom was Russian because of my pronunciation. Now I don’t speak perfectly, but it’s not the thick English accent some speakers have. “Babuuuushhkaaw”?

And one of the best ways to get your pronunciation down is by listening to a Russian podcast. By listening to Russian your subconscious will pick up on a lot of clues and hints. The more you listen to Russian, the better you’ll speak.


Reason #5 – It’s a logical progression…

One of the things that’s the most important in any language program is that there is progression. I mean, how else are you going to get better? If there’s no progression – there’s no learning.

But what’s the best way to keep progression? Well, after a couple of years of learning Russian I believe the best way to make consistent progress is to…

Get a little bit better in Russian every single day!

Now, this is a lot easier said than done of course. But it brings up an important questions for everyone who is trying to learn Russian. “How can you get a little bit better in Russian every single day?

Well, the simple answer to this question is of course to practice every day!

But in all honesty, it’s only the first half of the answer… because you also need to… use the right program that:

  • Get’s a little bit more difficult every day
  • Increases your vocabulary with just a couple of words each session
  • Introduces new grammar concept – a bit at a time

To get a little bit better speaking Russian every day, you simply need a program that builds on itself every day!

And that is exactly what the Russian podcast of Russianpod 101 does every day. Every day, the lessons become a bit more difficult, and every day you learn more vocabulary, grammar concepts and phrases.

But – only a little bit. Otherwise you’d get overwhelmed. And that’s counterproductive to true learning and maybe even quit practicing at all. So, practice every day & use a program that gets a little more difficult each and every day. And of course, the program should allow you to…


Reason #6 – test your progress!

The next thing that Russianpod 101 offers you is that you’ll be able to test your progress. you can either do this after each lesson – or after each season.

It’s important to check your progress, because it will allow you to find out the following things:

  • To see if what you’re doing is effective
  • If there are any specific parts of the language that you’re stalling on
  • You’ll get a sense of accomplishment when you finish a Russian podcast

As you see these are all pretty important. Now the first and the third reason are pretty self-explanatory, but what about the second?

How does testing yourself help you find your weak spots when learning Russian? The answer is simple: when you test yourself on multiple parts of the language (vocabulary, grammar, comprehension), you’ll quickly find out which parts are easy for you. And which parts are not.

Now, because your attention is limited, you can focus extra on the parts that you’re bad at.


Why not focus on the things you’re good at when learning Russian?

Why the things that you’re bad at? And not the ones that you’re good at?

Well, because when speaking a language, the part that you’re bad at it usually the ‘bottleneck’ to your fluency.

If you know all the grammar, bu barely know 200 words, you’re going to speak bad.

If you would, instead of becoming even better at grammar, focus your energy on learning more words. you’d become a much better speaker. And that’s what’s important.

After each Russian podcast you can test everything you learned during the podcast at the website of Russianpod 101. You can either do this, when the knowledge is still fresh in your head. Or you can decide to wait a bit and finish all the test in, let’s say a week after you’ve finished the Russian podcast seasons. I personally think this is the best approach.

But feel free to try what works for you! As long as you keep testing yourself, you’ll make progress!


Reason #7 – And lastly, their Russian podcast is fun!

The last reason why Russianpod 101 is a great way to get better at speaking Russian is because their Russian podcast is fun.

If a program is fun, it’ll be so much easier for you to put in the time necessary to get the results wanted. If you’re actually looking forward to a new lessons because you’re curious and you like the way the teachers teach you new words and grammar concepts in an easy to understand way – you’ll be much more inclined to start op a new Russian podcast.

You’ll be much more likely to put in the hours necessary to get good!

So how is Russianpod 101 fun? Well, to start, the hosts and teachers are very energetic and know how to teach Russian in a fun and easy manner.

And next, all the Russian podcast is done around a fun conversation. Instead of trying to memorize boring lists of words, you’ll be listening to a conversation like you could hear it in Russia.

Next you’ll learn the new vocabulary that was learned. And after this you’ll get a quick update on the grammar that was used and the common Russian expressions. And each lesson also contains fun and interesting facts about Russia and Russian culture!

All this makes Russianpod 101 the ultimate way to learn Russian – fast & easy!



Interested in Russianpod 101’s Russian podcast?

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What should you do next?

Learning Russian does NOT need to be difficult. All you need is a solid plan that helps you improve the following things daily:

  • vocabulary
  • grammar
  • listening skills
  • speaking skills

That's ALL you need. If you can do this for a couple of weeks, you’ll already be making great progress in your Russian skills.

And the best part? If you improve a little bit every day, soon these practices will become daily habits.

And then you will start making progress on autopilot.

This means that learning Russian is now a part of your daily routine. So you won’t even need discipline anymore to get yourself to practice.

If you like the idea of this, but don’t know where to start, go here for more information.

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My name is Ari Helderman and I help people learn Russian through videos and blog posts where I share my experience.   I have been learning Russian since 2016. I often get mistaken for a native speaker these days, so I've learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn't if you want to speak Russian well.

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