18 Russian Pet Names to Sweep Your Partner of Their Feet

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April 15, 2022

Summary: it’s nice to surprise your partner with a sweet Russian pet name. Especially if your girlfriend or boyfriend is Russian, they’ll appreciate it for sure. For the most effect, pick one that you find cute for your partner and fits them. Make sure to pronounce it a couple of times before you say it to your partner. If you want to surprise your partner, even more, I recommend you try the audio course Russianpod101.


Want to surprise your Russian partner? If you have a Russian girlfriend or boyfriend, and you’re not a native yourself – then you’re probably curious about Russian pet names.

It’s a good way to surprise your partner or loved one and he or she will surely appreciate the effort that you make:

Even if you’re already learning Russian, chances are that the course you’re following does not include too much sweet Russian terms of endearment for your girlfriend or boyfriend…

Luckily you can find all the sweet names to call your partner here on this page.

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So let’s find out what some commonly used Russian pet names are.

This video shows you the things I wish before I started learning Russian.

Russian pet names for your girlfriend

I’ve added the English pronunciation after the Russian words, so you know how to pronounce it correctly.

Малы́шка – Malishka
Baby girl

This word means baby girl and is a commonly used nickname that Russian guys call their girlfriends or wives.

You can use this for basically any type of girl.

Солнышко – Solnishko
Little sun

This word means little sun.

It’s also a very popular phrase and it’s difficult to go wrong with this one.

Ки́са – Kisa (кошечка – koshechka)
Cat (kitty)

This one means cat. And the diminutive one means kitty. Just like in English, it’s also very popular in Russia.

Пусик – Pusik

This is another way of saying kitty. As you might’ve guessed already!

Красо́тка – Krasotka

This word means gorgeous. But it’s sometimes a bit overused, so bear in mind that some girls might be a bit offended if you say it.

Ангел – Angel

You’ve probably guessed it already, but this word means angel in Russian.

Пчелка – Pchelka
Little bee

This is the Russian word for little bee

Золотце – Zolotse

The Russian equivalent of the English darling or dear. It means that she’s precious and/or valuable

Лисичка – Lisichka
Little fox

If your girlfriend has red hair, then calling her a little fox is sure a good way to make her feel happy.

Куколка – Kukolka
Little doll

Watch out with this one, it means little baby doll. So if you wouldn’t feel comfortable calling your girlfriend that in English, then don’t try it in Russian.

Принцесса – Printsessa

This word of course means princess.

Жизнь моя – Zhizn moya
My life

This is more of a phrase – and it means ‘my life’. Your girlfriend will appreciate it a lot if you say this to her!

Russian sweet adjectives to call your girlfriend

Next to all these nouns that you can call your girlfriend in Russian, it’s also very easy to call your girlfriend a sweet nickname by using an adjective. In Russian, you only need to use the adjective and you don’t need to add something to it. And you’ll get bonus points if you add the Russian word for mine (which is моя for girls) before the adjective.

Here’s a list of extra Russian pet names for your girlfriend that she’ll appreciate:

  • Родна́я – rodnaya – dear
  • Хоро́шая – khoroshaya – good
  • Дорога́я – dorogaya – another word for dear, but Родна́я is more strong.
  • Ма́ленькая – malenkaya – little
  • Сла́дкая – sladkaya – sweet

Russian pet names for your boyfriend

For guys, you can of course also use all the adjectives described in the previous paragraph. You only need to change the ending of the adjectives from ая to ий or ый. Don’t worry about which one of the 2, since the sound is basically the same (your partner won’t be able to notice the difference and if he does – he won’t care). So the word Сла́дкая becomes Сла́дкий. And is pronounced as sladkiy.

Also, check if it makes sense to call your boyfriend that specific adjective since most guys wouldn’t enjoy being called ‘small’ for example ?.

Here’s the list of Russian pet names for your boyfriend.

Котенок – kotyonek

Just like for girls, you can call your guy a kitten. If he won’t appreciate that, then you can also call him a котик – kotik. Which means cat.

Зайчонок – zaichonok

This word means bunny, but not in a little feminine way – but for the second thing bunnies are known for. So your guy probably won’t mind being called that?

Лучик – luchik

This word literally means sunbeam, so if your man is your ray of light in your life, then feel free to call him like that.

Сахарок – sakharok
Sugar piece

This means that your guy is your little piece of sugar. Bonus points if you call him сладкий сахарок!

Лев – Lev

If your guy is your lion, then you can always call him your Lev! (it also was a common name in previous times – Lev Tolstoy for example – but nowadays not many guys are called this way)

Share these Russian pet names

So, there you have it – a good list of Russian terms of endearment that you can call your Russian partner. If you have any good names to add to the list, please feel free to leave a comment and I’ll add your suggestion to the list!

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