The Conversational Russian Blueprint

Daily program to speak fluent Russian in 6 months.

Save years of effort and thousands of dollars.

I know people that have spent years trying to learn Russian - what did they get in return for all their effort and huge investment in classes? Best case scenario: they could read Russian and hold conversations. Worst case? The ability to mumble a couple of heavily-accented phrases and confuse native Russian speakers.

Why risk being the latter? Learning Russian is a complex skill. Many people think it's one of the hardest languages in the world.

Not only is the vocabulary completely different from English (any non-slavic language, really). Also, the pronounciation gives many students nightmares. 

Can you say (or hear) the difference between Ш and Щ? 


And I remember the day I found out Russian had 6 cases. Knowing only Dutch and English, that was the day I seriously considered quitting learning Russian forever.

Look, the problem why many people fail to reach a conversational level is not some personal flaw, laziness, or 'lack of motivation'. It's not even the fault of many language schools.

The problem is that most people take a one-sided approach. All grammar, no speaking? Yes, that's 90% of language classes.

All speaking, no grammar? That's what you hear from famous bloggers. 

Or how about Duolingo's promise?

It's a great app to get some basic vocabulary. But there are 1000's of people who are Duolingo masters, yet can barely speak a coherent sentence...

The main problem today is not that the knowledge isn't available. 

The main problem is that there's too much information available. And if you pick the wrong courses, or even the wrong approach for your personality... that can cost you years of fruitless learning.

Learning Russian is not like learning how to bake a delicious apple pie.

It's a complex skill with moving components. Memory, verbal cognition, processing speed and listening, all need to be trained to have conversations in Russian.

Duolingo is great for memorizing common words, but it does nearly nothing for the rest. 

Learning Russian is more like picking a lock. Just focusing on one lever won't help you break it.

You need a clever tool set that focuses on gently moving each lever of the lock in position.

A verbal tool set that helps you:

  • learn words and remember them
  • understand SPOKEN Russian
  • connect grammar to speaking
  • form coherent sentences yourself

And most importantly: keep things reasonably fun for yourself to stay motivated in the longer haul.

That's why I'm offering you:

The Conversational Russian Blueprint

The course teaches you to go from complete beginner (zero experience) to a conversational level of Russian in 6 months. You learn which parts of Russian to focus on, and which are not important. The focus lies on speaking, so that is what every single lesson is focused on. These things help you skip the unnecessary parts and ensure you make much progress in your speaking skills in a relatively short period of time.

Students are required to spend around 1 hour every single day on Russian (minimum 5 days per week). You will be able to have simple conversations already after 1-2 months. After 6 months you can easily handle converse about a wide variety of topics without stumbling for words.

If you already have experience, you can use the blueprint to go from intermediate to advanced level in 6 months.

Ready to speak fluent Russian?

Here’s what people are saying about the course

Marie Fisher


Arie's Conversational Russian Blueprint taught me valuable lessons on taking a systematized approach to learning Russian. The course is broken down into smaller modules which is very easy to digest.

I'd highly recommend the Conversational Russian Blueprint to anyone who's interested in learning Russian.

Carl Numan

Hotel Manager

Since transferring to another company, I needed to get at least to a basic level of Russian as soon as possible (many Russians coming to the hotel).

With Arie's help, I could already have most conversations with guests after 3 months. I love the feeling of surprising people with my Russian now (they don't expect a guy like me to speak Russian)

Gary Howard


If you want to learn Russian, this is a must-have course in your arsenal.

Anyone who got to a fluent level in a foreign language will teach you something. I've been learning languages for the last 13 years, and Arie gave me many great ideas I've implemented in my daily language learning process.

The course is well structured. Arie keeps it simple, sticking to vocabulary, grammar and speaking. It's brilliantly simple. Perfect for people just starting out as well as those who already have several years of learning behind them.

Here's just a teaser of what's inside:

Focus on speaking

Your personal schedule is focused on helping you SPEAK Russian. All the other daily activities support this main goal, not the other way around.

1 hour per day

If you focus on the essentials, you can cut a lot of the unnecessary things. Putting in 1 hour consistently, will give you good results.


Many courses hand over a large list of potential actions, and *hope* you implement them. I've done my utter best to ensure the daily schedule is easy to follow, and relatively 'fun' compared to other courses/classes :)

Create lasting habits

During the course, you focus on building strong habits into your daily schedule. After the 6 months, it will be easy to continue making weekly progress, without specific effort.

What you'll find in the course

Once you sign up you get access to the course so you can start the blueprint right away. 

The course itself takes you around 2 hours to go through. The 6 month program is divided into a 'start-up' phase (2 months), and an 'accelerator' phase (6 months). 

Each phase has their own daily actions that you should follow. While going through the course, you get specific resources, such as apps, movies, audio courses that I want you to download or bookmark (all free). This is done so that you have quick access to the materials you need during the daily actions. 

Now all you need to do is TAKE ACTION on the program for the next 6 months, and you'll be speaking like a champion. 


Welcome and introduction

In the first module you get an overview of the course and how it's structured.


Why Russian is easy

The second module is all about debunking common myths why Russian is difficult. After going through this module you will be full of energy to get started.


Learn the 1000 most common words

Vocabulary is incredibly important, especially when learning Russian. There are few cognates (words that are similar in both Russian and English), so you need to focus on this. I'll teach you the easiest way to learn the 1000 most common words.


Understand cases and verb conjugations

All other grammar you will learn through immersing yourself into the Russian culture. Cases and verb conjugations require extra attention. After this module you know how to get both of them down in 6 months.


Use passive learning to your advantage

Passive learning gets a bad rap in the language learning community. But if you use it strategically together with other methods (like the ones in this course), you can skyrocket your progress of (understanding) spoken Russian in a short period of time.



Module 3, 4 and 5 lay the foundation to speak. Actually practicing speaking cements things together in your brain. After this module you'll know how to make daily progress in speaking, even if you don't have any native Russian speakers to practice with.



A quick summary and step-by-step overview of the 6 month blueprint.


To keep you on track:

Just the blueprint is enough to get you real-world results. 1 hour of focused effort per day, and you'll be having regular conversations in no time. To progress faster, the following 3 things will help you tremendously.

Bonus 1
Accountability sheet

I'll share with you a spreadsheet I've used to help myself stay accountable when creating new habits towards a goal.

This helps you keep track of your progress, and take baby steps every single day towards fluency.

Bonus 2
Email support

You'll also get unlimited email access to me for the full 180 days.

This means that whenever you have a question, or get stuck somewhere, you can ask me for solutions. I can also check up on your accountability sheet, and see where you can optimize.

Bonus 3
List of free resources

There are 100's of courses and sites available to learn Russian. Most of them are fine. Some of them are great. A few completely suck.

My (and my student's) experience shows you which courses are most effective. I've also got a file with good free courses and online Russian TV series/movies with English subs.

About Arie Helderman

Arie is a regular Dutch guy who met a Russian girl while studying abroad in 2015. After they started dating, he began to study Russian in his free time. 5 years later, he has a successful YouTube channel in Russian with more than 4 million views and 50,000 subscribers. He also appeared on the radio station Govorit Moskva.

In his free time he likes to play sports, have a beer with friends or read a good book. He lives in Leiden (a small town south of Amsterdam) with his girlfriend and cat Persik (The Russian/Dutch word for Peach).

Me at lake Baikal (largest fresh water lake in the word close to Irkutsk)

It's an investment, really.

If you want to learn Russian, you have several options in 2020:

  1. Go to university: plan to pay $10,000 to $50,000 and 4 years of your life.
  2. Move to Russia: potentially super effective, but life changing. 
  3. Take classes: depending where you live, you'll pay $20 to $50 per class. 3 times per week for 52 weeks is on average $5460.
  4. Online tutors: the average private Russian teacher online is $9 per hour. Again 3 times per week for 52 weeks is $1404

I know this is like comparing apples to pears in a way, but the point stands. Why risk getting an old-fashioned class/teacher/university for a large price sticker? Especially since most classes and teachers use the old-fashioned 'high school' language lesson method, I wouldn't take the risk. 

I've learned Russian on my own. I've never taken classes. This course teaches the principles I used to learn Russian. It uses modern technology and resources + it focuses on speaking.

Plus you'll get a 30 day guarantee, so there's nothing to lose.

You also get email access to me, so if at any point you're stuck with something, send me an email. I'm usually able to quickly pinpoint the problem, and give you concrete advice how to start progressing again.

That's why I invite you to join.

Russian blueprint

Daily program to speak conversational Russian in 6 months



  • Personal Russian learning plan
  • Accountability sheet
  • 180 days email support
  • Complete list of 100+ free resources

100% Results Guarantee in 30-Days

This course gives you the most effective plan to learn Russian I know of. If you follow all the instructions, you will be having simple conversations after 2 months. And intermediate conversations after 6 months.

After that, you will have built the correct habits to keep on progressing. So you will be speaking better and better every month. That's huge. Imagine how well you'd speak in 2, or  even 5 years down the road. Progress will be incredible.

I'm confident in my abilities as a teacher, and in my method of helping you learn Russian.

If after 30 days you haven't experienced significant progress in Russian - and you've been following the plan - just let me know, and I'll refund you the money for the course.

There's no better time to start working on your Russian skills than NOW.

Don't delay - this is your chance to turn your dream of speaking fluent Russian into reality.

I'm ready to share all my experience and knowledge with you.

I guarantee that if you want to learn to speak conversational Russian - or upgrade your current skills - then this course is a Godsends for you.

It's $297 for the knowledge of a lifetime. And every single cent is backed by a full money-back guarantee for 30 days. You simply cannot lose.

I guess I've said all I can.

Sign up now.

Click the button below immediately, this very second, to secure your place:

Russian blueprint

Daily program to speak conversational Russian in 6 months



  • Personal Russian learning plan
  • Accountability sheet
  • 180 days email support
  • Complete list of 100+ free resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course for me if I'm a complete beginner learning Russian?

Yes! When you login to the Student Area you'll find a “Welcome” module, that will guide you on how best to use the course and there are training materials to help you implement the Core Strategies of this course.

What happens after I join this course? Can I start right away?

You’ll get instant access to the members area of the course, and can start digging through the modules, course units, and bonuses immediately. You’ll be given a life-time membership, so you can access the course at any time, come back to units, use them as reference, and use it as guidance while learning Russian.

Do you offer refunds?

Yup. There’s a 30-day money back guarantee, so there’s no risk to you to try it out. If you aren’t happy with the course or feel it’s not for you, just write in within 30 days and I’ll refund you in full.

I already know some Russian, will I benefit from doing this course?

Yes. The course includes the best strategies and techniques for progress and there are specific recommendations for the Acceleration Phase that you are in, so by implementing what you learn in the course you should be able to progress quickly. The course also includes specific strategies for speaking (even if you don't have a native speaker around) and how to improve your accent, which will make a big difference to your fluency.

I'm already bought some guy's Russian course, why should I buy another one?

Well this one of the few courses made by a non-native speaker who reached fluency in Russian. I'm no guru, just a regular guy who decided many years ago to start learning Russian - and never stopped. This course is built on proven and real world strategies, the same ones I use to teach foreign languages to  Russian people. Don't become a course collector, become a course implementor with the Conversational Russian blueprint.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. You also get lifetime access to all future updates - updates are made at least once per year, with new lessons and bonuses packed with new strategies that are working for me.

Ari Govorit po Russki