Learn to speak conversational Russian within 3 months.

Learn to speak Russian with just 30 minutes per day.

Save years of effort and thousands of dollars.

I know people that have spent years trying to learn Russian. What did they get in return for all their effort and huge investment in classes? Best case scenario: they could read Russian and hold conversations. Worst case? The ability to mumble a couple of heavily-accented phrases and confuse native Russian speakers.

Why risk being the latter? Learning Russian is a complex skill. Many people think it's one of the hardest languages in the world.

Not only is the vocabulary completely different from English (any non-slavic language, really). Also, the pronounciation gives many students nightmares. 

Can you say (or hear) the difference between Ш and Щ? 


And I remember the day I found out Russian had 6 cases. Knowing only Dutch and English, that was the day I seriously considered quitting learning Russian forever.

Look, the problem why many people fail to reach a conversational level is not some personal flaw, laziness, or 'lack of motivation'. It's not even the fault of many language schools.

The problem is that most people take a one-sided approach. All grammar, no speaking? Yes, that's 90% of language classes.

All speaking, no grammar? That's what you hear from famous bloggers. 

Or how about Duolingo's promise?

It's a great app to get some basic vocabulary. But there are 1000's of people who are Duolingo masters, yet can barely speak a coherent sentence...

The main problem today is not that the knowledge isn't available. 

The main problem is that there's too much information available. And if you pick the wrong courses, or even the wrong approach for your personality... that can cost you years of fruitless learning.

Learning Russian is not like learning how to bake a delicious apple pie.

It's a complex skill with moving components. Memory, verbal cognition, processing speed and listening, all need to be trained to have conversations in Russian.

Duolingo is great for memorizing common words, but it does nearly nothing for the rest. 

Learning Russian is more like picking a lock. Just focusing on one lever won't help you break it.

You need a clever tool set that focuses on gently moving each lever of the lock in position.

A verbal tool set that helps you:

  • learn words and remember them
  • understand SPOKEN Russian
  • connect grammar to speaking
  • form coherent sentences yourself

And most importantly: keep things reasonably fun for yourself to stay motivated in the longer haul.

That's why I'm offering you:

1 on 1 strategic Russian conversation

During our 1 on 1 sessions we'll find what the best strategy is for YOU to learn Russian. Every person is different and what works best for you, might be different from what is generally accepted as effective. In total we'll have 4 calls (Skype, Zoom, Hangouts etc. - your choice), each 1 month apart. We create a detailed plan for you. After the 4th call, you will be able to have simple conversations in Russian, and have built the correct habits that ensure further weekly process with ease.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Once you sign up you'll get a link where you can schedule our first hour long call. This is done through an easy online calendar. During this call we'll discuss exactly how we're going to make your schedule as effective as possible. After that there will be 3 half hour calls more (1 every month), to discuss progress, make tweaks and keep you accountable. 

Focus on speaking

Your personal schedule is focused on helping you SPEAK Russian. All the other daily activities support this main goal, not the other way around.

Personal schedule

Everyone is different. I'll create a personal schedule for you, that ensures optimal progress for your personality, goals and available time.


Many consultations hand over a large list of potential actions, and *hope* you implement them. We schedule 3 follow up meetings to make sure you get results.

Create lasting habits

After the last call, you will have built strong habits into your daily schedule. You continue making weekly progress after that, without specific efforts.

Here's the timeline:

This is exactly how we'll work together.


Call 1: strategic set up

In the first call we discuss your goals. I'll ask you 10 questions, that will help us create a strategic personal plan that will ensure you make weekly progress with your Russian speaking skills. The first call is about an hour.


Call 2: discuss what's working, and make tweaks.

The second call is approximately 1 month after the first. We discuss how your progress is going, and will make tweaks to your daily schedule and solve other problems you might be experiencing. This call lasts about half an hour.


Call 3: optimize your schedule

The third call is again 1 month after the second. We use this to further optimize your schedule. Also this is an important moment to see how you are progressing, and we can add more advanced exercises. This call also lasts half an hour.


Call 4: ensure continuing progress in the future

The last call is extremely important. Here we discuss everything we've been through the last 3 months. Now it's time to ensure you continue to make progress in the future. Call lasts about half an hour to an hour.


This will ensure you reach your goals.

Just the plan we set up during the calls is enough to get you lasting results. Together with the accountability of talking to me once a month, you'll be having regular conversations in no time. To progress faster, the following 3 things will help you tremendously.

Bonus 1
Accountability sheet

I'll share with you a spreadsheet I've used to help myself stay accountable when creating new habits towards a goal.

This helps you keep track of your progress, and take baby steps every single day towards fluency. I also have access to your sheet, so I can see how well you're doing, and offer tips.

Bonus 2
Email support

Apart from the 4 calls, you'll also get unlimited email access to me for the duration of the calls + 90 days after the last call.

This means that whenever you have a small question, or got stuck somewhere, you can ask me for solutions. I can also check up on your accountability sheet, and see where you can optimize.

Bonus 3
List of free resources

There are 100's of courses and sites available to learn Russian. Most of them are fine. Some of them are great. A few completely suck.

My (and my student's) experience shows you which courses are most effective. I've also got a huge file with good free courses and online Russian TV series/movies with English subs.

About Arie Helderman

Ari is a regular Dutch guy who met a Russian girl while studying abroad in 2015. After they started dating, he began to study Russian in his free time. 5 years later, he has a successful YouTube channel in Russian with more than 3 million views and almost 40,000 subscribers. He also appeared on the radio station Moskva Govorit .

In his free time he likes to play sports, have a beer with friends or read a good book. He lives in Leiden (a small town south of Amsterdam) with his girlfriend and cat Persik (The Russian/Dutch word for Peach).

It's an investment, really.

Speaking Russian is an invaluable skill. It will open up new opportunities, both in your personal and business life. Thousands of people all over the world are enrolled in university classes, learning Russian. It often takes them 5+ years, and $10,000 to reach a conversational level. That price is what university tuition in the Netherlands costs for people with Dutch nationalities (it's heavily subsidized by the government - foreigners pay up to $10,000 per year).

And that's not even talking about opportunity cost. I don't have anything against people studying languages in university. But I think a foreign language should best be studied 'in the field'. And as a side project.  Few people have the time to dedicate themselves to Russian full-time. It's also unnecessary, as half an hour per day effective studying is all that's needed. 

From a business perspective it's also better to know a specific skill + Russian. Instead of only Russian. And from a personal perspective: if your partner is Russian, or you're learning it as a personal side project, you'd hardly want to spend 5 years + a huge amount of money on it.

My point? Russian is a valuable skill as a second language. People pay big money to learn it. The returns on speaking fluent Russian are priceless. Both in terms of possible business opportunities, and the enjoyment of knowing another - rarely spoken by foreigners - second language is incredible.

Russian consultation

Your personal plan to successfully have Russian conversations after 3 months.



  • 4 personal calls (total 2,5 - 3 hours)
  • Personal Russian learning plan
  • Accountability sheet
  • 180 days email support
  • Complete list of free resources

100% Results Guarantee in 180-Days

The first 3 months we set up the most effective plan for you to learn Russian. If you follow all the instructions, you will be having simple conversations after 3 months.

After that, you will have built the correct habits to keep on progressing. So you will be speaking better and better every month. That's huge. Imagine how well you'd speak in 2, or  even 5 years down the road. Progress will be incredible.

I'm confident in my abilities as a teacher, and in my method of helping you learn Russian.

If after 180 days you cannot have regular conversations in Russian - and you've been following the plan - just let me know, and I'll refund you the money for the consultations.

Russian consultation

Your personal plan to successfully have Russian conversations after 3 months.



  • 4 personal calls (total 2,5 - 3 hours)
  • Personal Russian learning plan
  • Accountability sheet
  • 180 days email support
  • Complete list of free resources

Last message

I remember the moment when it clicked. It was December 2017, when Russian friends of my girlfriend came to visit us. We picked them up from Schiphol airport, and took the train home. Everyone started talking, and I found myself asking them how their flight was. Then we continued and after about 5 minutes it dawned upon me:

We're having a good conversation in Russian... and I'm not stumbling over words. I can understand them, and they understand me.

I broke the language barrier. From that moment on, everything became easier and easier, as I already was happy with where I was. Every extra minute of practice from there on was just bonus.

If I can get you to experience that first key moment of fluency, you'll never go back. You've gotten a taste of success, and you will continue making progress.

Ari Govorit po Russki