Recommended Resources

On your journey to becoming fluent in the Russian language, you can use all the help you can get!

Therefore I’ve created this page with all the resources I have used to become fluent in Russian. Every single one of them has been used by me. And I have only added those of which I am a 100% sure that they will help you.

I’ve compiled all the resources for learning Russian into several categories

  • Those that will help you get started
  • The ones that will help you get to the intermediate level
  • Advanced resources
  • Miscellaneous (can be used at any level)

Resources That Will Help You Get Started

Resources That Will Get You From Beginner To Intermediate

  • Michel Thomas Total Russian – Continues building on the foundation you built in the beginner program
  • Russianpod 101 – All-inclusive language learning system (includes audio, video, PDF’s everything you might need)

Advanced Resources For Learning Russian

Miscellaneous Resources (For Any Level)

  • Anki – A great app for vocabulary building
  • Italki – Speak with native Russian who want to learn English
  • EnglishRussia – interesting Russian blog with news that you won’t find covered in the Western media.

Russian travel resources

Youtube Channels for learning Russian (and culture)