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April 23, 2020

Learn Russian – 5 Amazing Benefits the Russian Language Can Offer You

Do you want to learn Russian? If so, then you have probably thought of many reasons why Russian would make a good language for you to learn. Not only will learning Russian have a dramatic impact on your personal life, it can also open up hundreds of new (business) opportunities, that you can use to your advantage. So what are the benefits of learning Russian?

This article is here in case you need a little bit of reassurance why it is a good idea to learn Russian. And even if you’re already 100% convinced why you want to learn Russian… a quick refresher of why studying the Russian language is such a great choice is never a bad thing!

In this article I will give you a concise overview of the 5 benefits of learning Russian & why you should seriously consider learning it if you have even the slightest interest in the  Russian language.

Why Learn Russian? (Benefits of learning Russian)

#1 Business opportunities

The first of the benefits of learning Russian that pops up in this list is the business opportunities. I even mentioned it in the introduction. Why? Because Russia is on the verge of becoming a wealthy country. You might have heard the stories about the crazy 90’s in Russia and the rampant corruption….

But that doesn’t mean there are no opportunities. On the contrary, Russia is home to more than 150 million people and is one of the countries in the world with the largest amount of natural resources in the world.

What this means is that there is a huge potential market in Russia. And you can take advantage of that… As you might now, thousands of foreign companies want to do business with Russia. And this is a great thing. But there is one problem…

You see, for a foreign company it’s very hard to get qualified personnel to work in, or deal with Russia. As Russian is considered a very tough language to learn, there are barely any non-natives (excluding people who live in former USSR countries) who speak Russian well.

why learn russian

#2 Personal life

Another reason to learn Russian is for your personal life. What I mean by that is the following. You see, many people who want to learn Russian want to do it not for themselves. Maybe their parents (or grandparent) were Russian immigrants, but they unfortunately never managed to learn Russian themselves. Or not as good as they would’ve liked…

If you’re from Russian heritage, then it is a shame if you’re not speaking Russian yourself. Maybe you’ve never even been to Russia. And if this is the case, then learning Russian (even if it’s just for one trip or to communicate with your relatives) is a 100% worth it!

And that’s not even speaking about the thousands of people who have a Russian partner. If this is the case, then your partner probably speaks English (or any other language in which you communicate) pretty well.

But still, wouldn’t it be fantastic if you would be able to speak to each other is his/her mother tongue? So you would be able to visit Russia and speak to his or her family in Russian? If you’re in this camp, then learning Russian can be incredibly fulfilling for your personal life.

You will learn so much more about the past and heritage of your partner. And you will be able to communicate on a much deeper level than if you were to only speak English with each other.

So, to sum it up: Very few people over 30 in Russia speak English and if you’re going to Russia or have Russian relatives or a Russian partner, learning the basics in Russian is mandatory if you want to communicate in a meaningful way. That’s one of the benefits of learning Russian!

These are all the countries where people speak Russian. When you learn Russian, you will open up an entire new world!

#3 You’ll become smarter

Learning any language will make you smarter. It will improve the way your brain functions, increase your memory-recall, ability to concentrate and enlarges the frontal cortex (that you use to make the right decisions and delay gratification). Research is very clear on this. But did you know that some languages have a bigger impact on your brain than others?

What that means is that if you have the choice to be studying one language, certain languages will make you “more smarter” than different languages…

What makes his distinction? Why do some languages have a larger impact?

Well, the answer is pretty easy.

The further away a language is from your native language – the more your brain has to adapt to learn it

So in layman terms: the more difficult a language is for you, the smarter you will be when you learn it!

And, because I assume most of you who want to learn Russian speak English (or another western/latin language) – learning Russian will really challenge your brain.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest differences between most western languages and Russian:
  • Russian uses the cyrillic alphabet – So you’ll have to learn 33 new letters with each their own character, pronunciation and usage. To top it off, a couple of letters even look the same as in English. but they have a complete different sound attached to it. For example the ‘P’. If you see a ‘P’ in Russian, it means an ‘R’! You can learn the Russian alphabet here.
russian alphabet
The 33 capital letters of the Russian alphabet
  • There are few similar words – while with some language such as Spanish or French, you can find many words that sounds very similar to their English counterpart (situation – situacion etc.).  Good luck finding those words that mean the same in Russian. Your brain will have to make thousands of new associations to learn Russian. I noticed a definite increase in my memory after learning Russian!
  • Russian uses 6 cases – In English the only cases we use are for the words: I, he, she, we. Depending on their place and role in the sentence they might change. “I give him a book”. “He gives Me a book.” In Russian, every word has 6 different forms, depending on what function the words has in the sentence. As you can imagine, this complicates things a lot.

Russian is very different language. It is almost impossible to compare it to any other western language (exception: other Slavic languages).

And the more different a language is from your native language, the smarter you will get when you learn Russian!

#4 Impress your friends

Okay, this is probably not a main reason why you’d want to learn Russian. But still, learning Russian is a fantastic feat that you can accomplish and there are very few people in the world that have done it.

When you get to the point when you can have a conversation in Russian, you will be able to set yourself apart from almost everybody else in the western world.

You can’t imagine the look on a person’s face when the following happens (I’ve had this experience so many times – you can’t imagine. But it never gets old!)

You’re out with a friend or somebody you just met who doesn’t know that you speak Russian. Then, you hear a couple of Russian tourists, immigrants or expats around you speak Russian. You walk up to them and start a simple conversation with them…. and your friend hears everything and has no clue at all what is going on!

You cannot imagine the look on your friend’s face. Learning Russian will impress almost everyone you know.

#5 Open up an entire new world for you to explore

As you read before, Russia is the biggest country in the world. It spans over 11 time zones and more than 17 million square kilometers. That means that the variety of nature that you can find is incredible.

From the arctic plains in Siberia to the beautiful beaches in Crimea. from the small Russian villages to the skyscrapers in Moscow City. Whatever it is you’re looking for in a country, you can find it in Russia.

And with over 150 million inhabitants, you will be able to meet so many different types of people. But… there’s one thing. Like I wrote before. Barely anyone over 30 speaks good English. And even the younger population speaks English badly or with a huge accent.

One of the benefits of learning Russian is that it will open up an entire new world for you to explore!

And it is so big, that it would take up several lifetimes to really explore it all. If you love to travel, than learning Russian can be one of the greatest assets that you can have!

benefits of learning russian

What’s Your Next Step?

If you are serious about learning Russian, then the next step for you is to get started. If asked, everybody would like to learn Russian. But what separates the people who actually learn the Russian language from the people who keep wishing is action.

Don’t let your dream of speaking Russian go to waste. The best thing to do is to start learning now. Don’t want for the perfect program or the perfect timing to show up in your life…

That will only make sure you won’t learn anything. And that you might even never be able to have a simple conversation in Russian.

Struggle with conversations in Russian? My book the Russian Conversational Blueprint gives you clear instructions and daily tasks to follow to get to an intermediate Russian level in the next 6 months. Learn more.

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Author: Ari Helderman

I started learning Russian seriously in January 2016, and haven't stopped since. I created this site to help other foreigners speak Russian. You can follow my progress in Russian on my YouTube channel Ари Говорит по-русски.

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