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Whether you're brand new to the language, or want to learn advanced strategies, here you can learn how to speak Russian.

My name is Arie, I'm Dutch. I started seriously learning Russian in January 2016. I've documented my progress on YouTube since March 2018. Check out my progression there - the video above shows my Russian in April 2020.

I've created this site to give back to the community and help people that are learning Russian as well.

Russian Fundamentals

Learn the basics of the Russian language, including where to start, beginner mistakes to avoid, and where to focus your effort in the first 3 months.

Russian Cases

Learn the basics of the Russian cases all in 1 place, including charts, explanations and tips how to learn each case.

Russian Grammar

Learn the other aspects of the Russian grammar, such as verb conjugation, sentence structure, pronouns and more.

Russian Words

The Russian language contains 100.000+ words. If you're smart you focus on the most commonly-spoken 1000 first.

  • Most common 100 words (coming soon)
  • Most common 1000 words (coming soon)
  • Most common 100 verbs (coming soon)

Speak Russian

Learn how to actually have conversations and implement the grammar and words you've learned.

Russian Tools Reviews

Learn which courses/apps/tools are useful to learn Russian, and which are a waste of time and money.

Read Russian Stories

A collection of Russian stories with English translation so you can practice your Russian reading skills.

  • Crime and Punishment (coming soon)
  • Chekhov's short stories (coming soon)

Speak conversational Russian in 6 months

In my free 7 day email course you learn the fundamentals on how to become fluent in Russian.