How to Say “I Love You” in Russian: 14 Common Phrases

By Ari Helderman
October 26, 2022

It is generally known that Slavic people, particularly Russian people, are one of the most beautiful in the world.

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Maybe that beauty lies in their crystal and mystic eyes and pure, white skin in cold, romantic winters while they’re drinking hot tea (or perhaps vodka is more acceptable) next to the fireplace.

Or maybe the beauty hides in their exquisite poetry and fairytales that are so good you can’t decide which one to read first and enter the world full of love, passion, and sacrifice.

But, let’s get back to the real world and see if we can do something about that beautiful thing called love or in Russian любовь.

If you’ve ever dreamed of being able to whisper romantic words and phrases in Russian to your love, now is your chance to learn some of them!

After all, Valentine’s day is just around the corner, so here are some of the phrases in Russian to express your most beautiful feelings.

Before you start, please have in mind that there are differences in phrases that are suitable only for men or only for women, but you can find some ideal ones for both genders. Just pay close attention so that you don’t get confused.

Don’t be discouraged, because even if Russian seems challenging for you in the beginning, it actually isn’t that hard.

 A lot depends on your native language, as the easiest language to learn usually belongs to the same group as your mother tongue.

It is the same with Russian! Rest assured, Russian might have some tricky parts but it also has some things that make it easier.

Now, let’s start learning Russian romantic phrases.

14 Common Ways to Say I Love You in Russian

If you want to surprise your Russian partner – or your crush, carefully read through the 14 phrases below.

You don’t need to know all of them, just pick one that you like and practice it a couple of times.

Watch this video where I tell you in Russian (with English subtitles) 9 reasons why Russian is actually easy to learn.

I love you- Я тебя люблю

If you want to say I love you in Russian, ‘Я тебя люблю’ it is, without a doubt, the most beautiful phrase in every language, thanks to that divine feeling of love.

You can also switch the words around and say: Я люблю тебя

The phrase is pronounced  ‘Ya lyublyu tebya.’ In Russian, there is no difference in usage if you want to say it to your significant other, family, or friends.

The phrase ‘Я тебя люблю’ is unique, and as you are saying it, you can feel all the love and tenderness through these words.

If your loved one tells you Я люблю тебя, you can respond with: я тоже тебя люблю.

я тоже тебя люблю is the way you say I love you too.

A fun way to remember this is to remember the mnemonic: yellow blue bus. Maybe a yellow blue bus is not the first thing you think about when thinking about love, but if it makes you remember ” Ya lyublyu tebya”, it’s worth it 😉

I love you with all my heart/soul

This phrase can be used both for men or women. In Russian, it is ‘Я люблю тебя всем сердцем’ or if you need a little help, it is pronounced ‘Ya lyublyu tebya fsyem syertsem.’ Romantic and deep feelings deserve to be heard or expressed with this phrase.

If you want to change the phrase a bit, instead of saying “я люблю тебя всем сердцем”we suggest you say I love you with all my soul or in Russian ‘Я люблю тебя всей душой,’ which is spelled ‘Ya lyublyu tebya fsyei dushoj.’

You are so beautiful

It can be perfect as a compliment, but also as an introduction to other expressions of love. To express your feelings to a woman, use the phrase ‘Ты така́я краси́вая,’ which is pronounced ‘Ty ta-ká-ya kra-sée-va-ya.’ For men, use ‘Ты тако́й краси́вый’, pronounced as ‘Ty ta-kóî kra-sée-vyî.’

Love at first sight

You can use this phrase in the early days or weeks of dating. It clearly shows that you are in love, but still, it’s not the time to say you love your partner, let alone you love him/her with all your heart or soul. ‘I fell in love with you at first sight,’ or ‘ Я влюбился в тебя с первого взгляда’ (‘ya vlyubilsya f tyebya s pyervava fsglyada’) should be enough to show your affection and love for now.

I can’t live without you

The phrase ‘Я не могу без тебя жить,’ which is pronounced as ‘Ya nye ma-gú byes tee-byá zheet,’ is suitable for both, men and women. Don’t you feel the everlasting love in cold winter while saying this phrase to your partner?

я не могу means I cannot. без тебя means without you. And жить means to live.

This phrase should be used in situations when you want to express deep and unconditional love, as the phrase indicates you cannot live without them.

My soul

If you say it in English, it may sound a little odd, since in English speaking countries people tend to use the standard equivalent such as ‘my darling,’ but in Russian when you say ‘Душа моя ’ or literally translated ‘My soul’ to your partner, he or she is the center of your world at that moment. We recommend you say this only if you really mean it – someone’s feelings might get hurt.

I miss you

When you are in love, you always miss your significant other. He or she is always on your mind, and you want to be with them all the time. If you need help expressing this feeling, learn to say ‘Я скучаю по тебе’ which is pronounced ‘Ya skuchayu po tebe.’

As we already mentioned, the phrase ‘ love you in Russian can be used to express your love not only to your partner but to family or friends as well. It is the same case with the phrase  ‘Я скучаю по тебе’.

Kiss me

In the Russian language, ‘Поцелуй меня’ means ‘kiss me.’ Whether you say it to your partner, or perhaps a family member, this phrase is direct and honest, without any hidden meaning. Pretty easy, don’t you think?

I adore you

‘Я обожаю тебя’ or ‘I adore you’ can be used both for men and women. You can’t get tired of hearing or saying this phrase, especially with the intense feelings you have. Just like the phrase I love you in Russian, this one can also be used to state how much you love your partner, a family member, or a friend.

You have beautiful eyes/smile

These phrases are perfect for first dates with native Russian speakers. ‘You have beautiful eyes’ in Russian is translated as ‘У тебя красивые глаза’. It is pronounced ‘U tyebya krasivyye glaza.’

To change the phrase a bit, you have to change two last words, that is, if you want to say, for example, ‘You have a charming smile,’ you can say ‘У тебя очаровательная улыбка’ pronounced ‘U tyebya acheravatyel’naya ulypka.’ In case you find the pronunciation hard, you might want to consider practicing with your Russian tutor or watching some YouTube tutorials. Practice leads to perfection!

You are special

Another phrase that is used differently for men and women. If you want to say to a woman ‘You are special,’ then you say  ‘Ты – особенная’ (Ty – asobyennaya), but for a man, you say ‘Ты – особенный’ (Ty – asobyennyj). Note that there are differences between phrases that have adjectives since, in Russian, there are genders. Adjectives must agree in gender with the nouns they describe, like in the given expression.

You are always on my mind

Here is a tip for a perfect, romantic night: Start singing Presley’s song ‘You are always on my mind,’ and then simply say in Russian ‘Ты всегда в моих мыслях’  (Ty vsegda v moikh meeslyah.) Your partner will surely be delighted and speechless. The phrase can be used for both men and women.

Love in my heart is forever

As an introduction to some serious and sincere expression of love, perhaps marriage proposal too, you can use the phrase ‘Любовь навеки в сердце моём,‘ or pronounced  ‘Lyubov’ naveki v sertse moyom.’ Don’t be afraid – if you don’t plan to get married, you can still use this phrase to express your feelings. However, be mindful of the pronunciation.

I give you all my love

If you love poetry, then you surely are familiar with Russian romantic poets like Pushkin, Lermontov, or perhaps Esenin. It would be perfect if you recited to your love some of their poems, especially in Russian. Just imagine that! It could be very challenging, don’t you agree? Instead, you could try saying  ‘I give you all my love, ’ in Russian ‘Я отдаю тебе всю свою любовь’ It is pronounced ‘Ya daryu tebe svayu lyubov.’ When it is expressed sincerely, it can be as good as a romantic poem.

Although there are many more Russian romantic phrases, the ones mentioned above are considered to be the most romantic. Do you want to share another way to say I love you in Russian? Please, share it with us in the comments.

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