11 Ways to Say I Miss You In Russian

By Ari Helderman
October 26, 2022

Russian isn’t known as the most affectionate language. However, Russians are very passionate people, and once they trust and like you, they will go a lot further to keep the relationship going, then many other countries. If you have a Russian partner, then you surely want to know how to say I miss you in Russian. Today we’re going to see exactly how you should say that, pronounce it and write it (if you’re messaging).

I miss you in Russian – Ya Po Tebe Skuchayu

If you want to say I miss you in the Russian language, then the literal translation is:

  • Я по тебе скучаю / я скучаю по тебе / по тебе скучаю ya
  • Ya puh te-byé skoo-chái-yoo
  • Exact pronunciation in IPA: [ja pətʲɪˈbʲe skʊˈʨajʊ]

If you want you can also change the word order (as usual in Russian). The only important thing is that по comes before тебе. Since you is after the preposition, you cannot change the position. So you can say я скучаю по тебе and Я по тебе скучаю and по тебе скучаю ya interchangeably.

  • Я –  I
  • по – untranslated (but necessary before you)
  • тебе  – you
  • скучаю – miss

You can also only say скучаю if you want to keep it short and sweet 😉

If you want to say it in the past tense, you can say:

  • Я по тебе соскучился.
  • Ya puh te-byé so-skóo-chil-suh
  • Exact pronunciation in IPA: [ja pətʲɪˈbʲe səsˈkuʨɪlsʲə]

If you want to say it in the past tense you say: Я скучал по тебе, or я по тебе соскучился. The past tense is nice if you haven’t seen each other for a while and you know you will see each other again.

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10 Other ways to say I miss you in Russian:

Also, I’ll give you some other Russian phrases that kind of mean the same thing, but have a slight difference in meaning. So you can say different variations and surprise your Russian partner every time again.

Just knowing one way to say I miss you is not enough. So here are 10 more ways that you can say something nice to your Russian partner to let her know that you miss her.

I miss you Мне тебя не хватает. mnye ti-bya nye hva-ta-yit)To me there isn’t enough of you
I am thinking about you.Я думаю о тебе.ya doo-ma-yoo o ti-byeI think about you
You are always on my mind.Ты всегда в моих мыслях.tiy fsig-da vma-eekh miys-likhYou always in my thoughts
I can’t live without you.Я не могу жить без тебя.ya nye ma-goo zheet’ byes ti-byaI can’t live without you
I think about you all the timeЯ все время о тебе думаюya fso vre-mya o ti-bye doo-ma-yooI all the time about you think
I am feeling sad without youМне грустно без тебяMnye groos-tno bez ti-byaTo me sad without you
I want to be with youЯ хочу к тебеYa ho-choo k ti-byeI want to you
We need to see each otherНадо увидетьNa-do oo-vi-det-syaNeed to see each other
I want to see youЯ хочу тебя увидетьYa hochu ti-bya oo-vi-detI want you to see
I feel lonely without youМне одиноко без тебяMnye o-di-noko bez ti-byaTo me lonely without you

If you know another way to say I miss you in the Russian language, let other readers know about it in the comments!

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