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Speaking Russian doesn't need to be difficult. If you do the following things, you WILL have regular conversations in half a year:

  • Learn the 1000 most common words
  • Understand cases + verb conjugation
  • Watch 200+ hours of Russian series
  • Speak every day for 2 minutes

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The Story Behind

Learn The Russian Language

Hey. I'm Arie Helderman, a self-taught Russian speaker. I've been learning Russian for over 5 years.

Meaning I know just how frustrating and difficult it can be when first starting out.

But over time, and through lots of trial and error, I've discovered learning strategies and other tips that work.

And I'm here to share them with you. Sign up for my 6 day email course to see what I mean :)

About Me.

I'm a Dutch guy who met a Russian girl while studying abroad in 2015. After we started dating, I began to study Russian in my free time. 5 years later, I've got a YouTube channel in Russian with more than 6 million views and over 70,000 subscribers. I've also appeared on the radio station Govorit Moskva.

In my free time I like to play sports, have a beer with friends or read a good book. I live in Leiden (a small town south of Amsterdam) with my girlfriend and cat Persik (The Russian/Dutch word for Peach).