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March 12, 2018

Dutchpod101 Review: Insights How My GF Is Learning Dutch…

Review of: Dutchpod101

Use: learning basic-to-intermediate spoken Dutch


Learn real-life spoken Dutch.


Not cheap but reasonable.

Ease of Use

Easy interface and & lessons.


Great answers but some delays.

I love

  • 75+ hours of podcasts
  • 15 minute lessons cover all
  • 2000 most common word list

I don't like

  • Promo content in some lessons
  • No advanced grammar explanation
  • Few advanced lessons

Summary: Dutchpod101 is for me the best Dutch language podcast for beginners out there. However, once you reach the intermediate stage, it will start to lose its magic progressions structure.

This is why I put this review together. To help you make the most of it and learn real spoken Dutch.

From $4/month (Free Trial for 7 Days)

Weird, right… a Dutchpod101 review on a site about learning Russian? The answer is simple: I’m a native Dutch guy and my girlfriend is Russian. So every day I’m getting a ton of insights on how she is learning Dutch. I’ve used Russianpod101 myself with a lot of pleasure (and results!), so I feel it’s my duty to spread the word about Dutchpod101:

Why a Dutchpod101 review?

The main problem I hear from foreigners who are learning Dutch… is that all Dutchies speak English. Just one hesitation or a slight hint of an accent and everyone around you switches to English. I even do it myself. Even the ladies behind the cashiers desk will speak English to you if they only suspect you’re a foreigner.

In Amsterdam store employees speak English to me…

So let’s be honest: if you just want to live your life and don’t mess around with local Dutch people and culture – you don’t really need to learn Dutch.

But if you’re staying for longer than 1 or 2 years, it’s a different story. Even though we won’t tell you straight in your face, we secretly resent every foreigner who is in the Netherlands for more than 2 years and hasn’t even put in the effort to learn at least couple of phrases.

Add to that all the awkwardness that you’ll get at family/work gatherings, when everyone around you will be speaking Dutch. And you’re just sitting there having no clue what it’s all about…

So let’s face it: if you want to live in the Netherlands – you have to learn Dutch. Don’t be arrogant.

Dutch is actually an easy language. If you know basic English or German, you’re already more than halfway to being able to read Dutch. It’s just the pronunciation that’s tough.

And that’s something that Dutchpod101 will help you tremendously with.

2 types of Dutch learners who’ll get the most out of the program:

Dutchpod 101 can be used by anyone, young or old, man or woman – everybody will get something out of the program. But in my experience there are 2 types of people who will get the most out of it:

  • Dutch learners who want to focus on CONVERSATIONAL Dutch – a ton of courses teach you outdated Dutch words and phrases that nobody uses anymore. With Dutchpod101 you’ll learn how to have normal conversations about daily topics, such as the weather (important in Holland!), work, family and much more.
  • Dutch learners who have trouble pronouncing Dutch – one of the best methods of learning to pronounce correctly is to listen to a ton of spoken Dutch. Since Dutchpod 101 is an audio course with hundreds of hours of content, it’s one of the best courses to learn this (more on this later).
is dutchpod101 a scam
Dutchpod101 review: millions of people use Dutchpod101 and the other pod101 programs with success!

5 benefits of using Dutchpod101:

#1 Learn REAL vocabulary

With Dutchpod101 you get access to a list of 2000 most common Dutch words. And did you know that in most languages, 1000 words make up 80% of spoken words? And that with learning the 2000 most common words, you’ll know 95% of regular words?

So it makes sense to focus all your vocabulary efforts on this list. To get the most bang for your buck.

Another extremely nice thing is that for every word you can listen to how it’s pronounced. So you hear exactly how we speak + you know where to put the emphasis.

#2 Uses native speakers (you learn the correct pronunciation)

The only way to learn good Dutch is by listening to native speakers. Unfortunately it can be difficult to get people to talk with you in real life. In that aspect Russian is so much easier for me. Because every Russian will be happy to talk to me in Russian.

But for Dutch it’s a different story. My girlfriend loves talking to my grandmothers, because they speak slowly and their English isn’t that good. But in day-to-day life… good luck finding a Dutch person who’s patient enough to talk slows Dutch with you.

You can side step this by listening to Dutchpod101. They use native speakers so you can have your own little conversation partner with you every day.

Here’s who every lesson goes:

  1. A short dialogue in Dutch (20-50 seconds)
  2. The same dialogue – still in Dutch, but now spoken slowly
  3. The dialogue with its English translation
  4. New vocabulary + translation
  5. Explanation of new grammatical concepts
  6. Common used expressions
  7. The dialogue again – so you can test everything you’ve learned

#3 Improve your Dutch listening skill

We speak fast. And many of us swallow their words. So listening is the next difficult thing if you’re serious about learning Dutch. At the beginning it might sound like somebody is choking. But don’t worry. Your brain is smart and if you feed it by listening to a littlebit of spoken Dutch every day, before you know it – you’ll be actually able to distinguish what we’re saying.

#4 Lessons that build on each other (learn step by step)

If you want to get good at anything, the learning process should build on itself. That’s what you get with Dutchpod101: every lesson teaches you just a couple of extra words, phrases, grammar concepts and cultural knowledge.

Just enough so you won’t be overloaded with new info. But can easily digest everything and then come back for a new lesson. You might no see progress after each lesson, but taking a tiny step every day will get you to fluency faster than any other method.

#5 Speak better Dutch in 15 minutes per day

If there’s one thing I want you to take away from this Dutchpod101 review, it’s this: tiny steps are key to learning Dutch. That’s why every lesson from DP101 is around 15 minutes or less. So you can listen easily to 1 every day.

You’ve got 15 free minutes every day, right? Even if you’re incredibly busy – just listen to one lesson while commuting to work. Or while cooking. Or in the gym. Or while walking your dog. Or while walking to the supermarket to get some tasty stroopwafels.

If you make it into a habit to listen to 1 lesson every day, you’ll improve your spoken Dutch, listening skills, vocabulary and so much more every single day. Your friends will start noticing that you’ll be speaking better already after several weeks. And all the extra progress is bonus.

Dutchpod101 review conclusion

We’ve reached the end of this Dutchpod101 review. If you’re serious about learning Dutch, then this program will be an incredibly helpful tool to get better.

here’s a quick recap:

  • Learn REAL Dutch vocabulary
  • Improve your listening skills
  • Easy to follow audio lessons
  • Hundreds of hours of content (so you can keep on learning for at least a year)
  • Small steps every day = quick progress
  • And a ton more!

the course costs anything from $4 to $47 per month. And you’ll get a money back guarantee. So you can try out Dutchpod 101 for 60 dayswithout any risk whatsoever. I highly recommend you do this. After all,  you’ve got nothing to lose!

dutchpod 101 review

Sign up for Dutchpod101 here & start learning Dutch the easy way!

P.S. Enjoyed reading this Dutchpod101 review? Did you know that there’s also the option to sign up for a free 7 day trial before making your final decision? You only need an email account – so you won’t have to add your credit card details. Click the above link, add your email and start learning Dutch right away!

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  • Thank you for the honest review. I signed up 3 weeks ago and my Dutch is already getting better. Yesterday I even had a colleague compliment me on my pronunciation!

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