Conversational Russian in 6 months.

A step-by-step guide how to learn to speak Russian from home with 1 hour per day.

"Crazy how a non native speaker can think and explain himself so easily in Russian. I'm shocked and amazed. I got a feeling as if a Russian left to Holland, and with time got an accent. You're a nice guy! Thank you for the channel!"

"As a pedagog, I'll tell you: you did a wonderful job! It's especially cool, how you captured and understood the Russian intonation). I wish you success with your further developing your Russian)"

4 things stop you from learning Russian at home in a short time span

If you're learning Russian at home, you have 4 main obstacles. You must overcome these obstacles in order to effectively learn to speak Russian well. Here they are:

  • speaking 'textbook' Russian
  • getting overwhelmed by information overload
  • struggling to discipline yourself
  • not enjoying the process

Each isn't per se difficult to overcome. But if you take the wrong approach, you quickly run into problems:

If you don't focus on speaking real Russian, you're going to end up speaking 'textbook' Russian. This makes you speak slowly, and if you don't fix it, you will sound like a foreigner forever.

If you don't manage the information you take in well, you're going to be overwhelmed. If this happens at the beginning, it can overpower you. That can demotivate you, and before you know it, you've quit 'because Russian just feels too difficult'.

If you're already learning, and constantly switch from course to course, you cannot dive deep enough into 1 method to give you lasting results.

If you struggle with discipline, you'll never follow through long enough to feel success. You must find a way to get yourself to practice daily. On top of that, most home learn courses are boring, which makes you need even more discipline to get yourself to do them on a consistent basis.

And finally, if your approach doesn't make it fun to learn Russian, you're never going to enjoy the process. Enjoyment is needed for lasting results. The more you enjoy learning, the easier it is to create solid habits and routine. Good habits and routines make it easy to practice every day. And this in turn helps you make progress on autopilot.

Tip for busy people: use ‘dead’ time

Before we talk about what the course teaches you, let me give you 1 tip you can apply right away. This tip completely transformed the way I approached learning Russian. It's also something anyone can apply:

Learn Russian during 'dead' time

Dead time is when you cannot do anything useful. Here's how it works. Let's take an imaginary person named John:

John has half an hour commute to and from work 5 days per week. He also takes a 15 minute walk after dinner alone with his dog every day. And in the morning he spends 5 minutes sitting on the toilet after eating breakfast.

We tally up all the hours, and John has 7 hours and 20 minutes of dead time every week. 1 hour and 20 minutes on working days, and 20 minutes on the weekends.

John cannot do anything productive during those times. He usually listens to the radio in the car, music when taking the dog out for a walk and reads the news or scrolls Instagram after breakfast.

How to learn Russian during dead time

There's nothing wrong with these activites. But let's imagine John wants to learn Russian. He just read about the concept of dead time, and starts to change his daily routine.

John starts listening to Russian material and podcasts in the car and while walking his dog. He also learns a couple words through his phone every day while sitting on the toilet.

Now he spends around 6 hours every week listening, and learns new words every week. 

How well do you think John's Russian will be after half a year? At that point he'll have spent 190 hours learning Russian, and knows around a 1000 words. If he spent a couple hours practicing speaking, he'll be able to have conversations in Russian. No doubt.

Also: he didn't have to sacrifice any extra time into learning it. So do you think John will continue learning after half a year? You bet he will. The success he experiences, only motivates him more. So where do you think John's Russian will be in 1, 2 or even 5 years from now? 

His Russian will be good. 

That's why - even if you decide not to get the book - I want you to apply the concept of dead time into your life. It makes a huge difference.

Introducing to you:

The Russian Conversational Blueprint

A book that teaches you how to speak conversational Russian in 6 months with just 1 hour per day.


Ari Helderman

I'm a Dutch guy who started learning Russian 5 years ago. I got tired of seeing how many people struggle (or even quit) learning Russian because they're taking ineffective approaches. So I decided to write a book how I learned Russian at a high level - and how you can do the same.

"If I would speak, for example, English, like you speak Russian, I'd consider myself to be perfectly fluent in English. :)

"Wait, this guy isn't Russian? Here people from the Caucasus talk worse than him and consider that everything's fine."

"You did a great job, your Russian is at a good level."

"He's learning Russian for 5 years... And speaks it better, than my neighbour.. :)

Charming. Your Russian is at a good level. Almost no mistakes. I'm amazed! Good job. I'm charmed by the guy. 

-Justin Hammond

"Ari's Russian Conversational Blueprint optimizes your Russian-learning journey by providing a concise and pragmatic system to follow that adapts to how much free time you have to spend on Russian. It pulls together the fundamentals of a language from reading to speaking by breaking down how much time to dedicate to each aspect and the best resources to maintain your schedule in order to reach a conversational level as efficiently as possible." 

Table of Contents:

The book is 116 pages, full of strategies and techniques to learn conversational Russian.

A couple of highlights from the book:

Massive Input Method

Learn how to quickly improve your understanding of spoken Russian.


Find out how to easily learn new words, and make sure you remember them.


Master grammar with this gradual method to ensure you speak correctly.

Clear Speaking Practice

Learn how to speak correctly and make your speech more clear, even if you don't know any native speakers to practice with.


During conversational speaking practice you develop an 'on your feet' speaking ability that gets you compliments from native speakers.


Learn how to implement each of the 4 main habits in the book for maximal 'stickiness' so you make progress on autopilot.

Additional Content

50 Russian Movies

50 Russian movies you can watch to improve your understanding of spoken Russian and have fun. 35 include English subtitles.

Accent Accelerator

A step by step guide to improve your pronunciation of difficult letters and improve your Russian accent.

16 Dual Language Books

16 books that have Russian on the left side, and English on the right side. This helps you learn to read Russian, and is a fun activity.

*The 16 dual language books are classic literature and include the following titles: Alice in wonderland, Crime and Punishment, Dracula, Father Goriot, Ivanhoe, Little woman, Pinocchio, Rosalie Prudent, Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Canterville Ghost, Hunchback of Notre Dam, Magic Skin, Master and Margarita, Picture of Dorian Grey, Prince and Pauper, Selfish Giant. A total of more than 1000's of pages to enjoy and practice reading in Russian.

Why this book is different from others methods of learning Russian

Most textbooks about learning Russian are written by native Russian speakers. That's great if you want to learn grammar, but they're not that helpful for speaking.

I'm a native Dutch speaker. I learned Russian the hard way. I've gone through all the mistakes myself. I know how it feels to learn Russian from scratch. I also didn't know the alphabet when I started. I struggled with Russian cases. And spend a lot of time figuring out how to learn (and remember) weird sounding Russian words.

Also, the book is not a Russian words or grammar guide. It won't teach you the 100 most common phrases you need as a tourist. Or how to conjugate the genitive case for plural masculine nouns. Anyone can find that with 1 Google search. The book is a method that explains you how you can effectively learn Russian from home. 

You'll avoid all the common mistakes that Russian learners make. You'll save tons of time, energy and money by following an effective method that focuses on speaking.

Who should buy this book
( + who shouldn't) ?

This book is for:

  • people learning from home
  • beginners - or intermediate students who struggle with speaking
  • people who want to speak real Russian
  • people who need results quickly
  • people with internet access

This book is not for:

  • people who want to follow real life classes
  • intermediate students who are happy with their speaking ability
  • people who want to learn Russian to read literature, not to communicate
  • people who have all the time of the world
  • people without internet access

Pricing Plans

Complete package


  • Ebook +
  • 50 Russian movies
  • Accent Accelerator
  • 15 Dual language books


100% Money back guarantee

If for any reason, you don't like the book, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. 

This gives you plenty of time to read the book, implement the advice and see if it works for you.

-Max Jansen

"I expected a book filled with more Russian words, but this book has a strong emphasis on something more important: The psychology and logistics of learning. And perhaps most importantly: how to have fun! This is a clear, concise, no-nonsense, comprehensive how-to guide on how to learn Russian in the 21st century.

Ari provides timelines and a step-by-step path for the most common types of lifestyles and schedules. He also sets appropriate expectations and gives me confidence that I can achieve a decent level of speaking within the given time-frames, if I just follow the schedules."

-Nick van Bommel

"It is no secret to an avid learner of any language that the internet is filled with books and videos to help you achieve all your linguistic dreams. You probably tried a few of them yourself and found that after the honeymoon is over the struggle begins and you find you're having a harder time keeping to your studies.

That is where the Russian Conversational Blueprint comes in. It does not aim to learn you verbs, nouns or cases. Instead, it seeks to teach you HOW to learn the language itself, which makes it an immensely valuable book besides any course material you might already own."

"God, if you wouldn't say the stresses incorrectly in a couple of places - I would've never believed that Russian isn't your native language"

"Wow, you basically have a perfect pronounciation!"

"Ari, you're a smart guy! You have a very good pronunciation and accent, it's the first time I hear a Dutch person who speaks so clean Russian"

"Great Russian for a foreigner! I almost cannot believe, that it's possible to learn Russian to such a high level. I'm shocked.

Pricing Plans

Complete package


  • Ebook +
  • 50 Russian movies
  • Accent Accelerator
  • 15 Dual language books


Thank you for considering buying the book. Learning spoken Russian is a difficult task. But if I can help you achieve simple success in conversations within a few months of learning, you'll be so full of motivation, you'll never go back.

This is the book I wish I had when I started learning Russian 5 years ago.

Ari Helderman