Russian consultation

Let me help you learn Russian.

Finding the right resources is one of the most challenging parts of learning Russian.

Where do you even start?

There are thousands of strategies. I can think of 10 different courses from just a quick Google search.

But which one will work for you?

And even if a course works for you…. how will you know if it will be FUN enough for you to stay motivated?

Introducing Russian consultations: The easiest way to get started learning Russian.

What exactly will you get during a consultation?

A 30-minute Skype call in which we craft the perfect plan for you to learn Russian.

Except… that it’s NOT really a 1-time call.

Most consultations are just a quick conversation - without any accountability.

You ask someone for help, they give you a solution, with no further checking if you actually implement what you spoke about.

My consultation is DIFFERENT.

Instead of just a 1 time call, we set up 3 shorter (10 minute) calls 1, 2 and 3 months from now.

  1. In the first call (30 minutes) we discuss exactly how you learn best and make a plan.

  2. The 2nd call (10 minutes) we talk about what is working for you, what doesn't and make changes to the strategy.

  3. We repeat this process in the 3rd and 4th calls (10 minutes), so you end up with the perfect Russian-learning strategy - made custom for you.

Basically, you'll have everything you need to start learning Russian: Get the perfect strategy that works with you and give you a massive head start to learning Russian.

Save hundreds of hours following the wrong strategies with subpar results. A ready-made strategy that is custom for you.

Find the perfect method personally for you that will allow you to get to basic conversational Russian after 100 days.

After the first consultation I'll make a 1 page PDF report with the exact things you'll be doing each week for the first month.

After the second call, you'll get the next program for the 2nd month. And so on for the 3rd and 4th months.

Keep it handy on your desk. Or save it on your phone, so you'll know exactly what you need to do every day to start learning Russian.

Only $99

(or $39 for a 1-time consultation)

Order it now!

Sign up now and we'll schedule the first consultation right away!


Answers to frequently asked questions:

What happens after I sign up for a consultation?

After you've signed up and entered your contact details, I'll contact you. We'll schedule the first lesson and you confirm the lesson after paying through Paypal.

What if I don't see any results?

If for some reason you don't see any noticeable results after 30 days of following my instructions, just contact me for a full refund.

What if I have other questions?

If you have other questions, simply email me at: adrianus[at]learntherussianlanguage[dot]com

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