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1546 Russian students have taken my 5-day Russian email course. It shows you exactly how you can learn to speak basic Russian in just 30 days. You'd get to learn the exact strategies I used to become fluent in Russian.

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Find out why it's actually easy to learn Russian. Knowing this will make you more motivated and improve your discipline.

Focus on speaking

Overcome your fear of speaking, and improve your accent so you sound more like a native speaker.

Grammar + vocabulary

Learn the easiest ways to understand Russian grammar and how to learn Russian words so you remember them.

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Hi, I have been following you and you have changed my perception of Russian. I used to think Russian was really hard and I would never be able to learn it to speak fluently, but this has started to change.


Hi Ari, this is an awesome story. I have just started learning Russian after having been interested in the culture for a few years. Im listening to podcasts, netflix, and youtube at the moment- and putting key words and phrases into flashcards. Awesome to hear from someone who took a similar approach, hopefully I can reach your level one day😄


Hey Ari, you have been a huge inspiration for me and I’d like to thank you for helping me on my journey. Subscribed! :)