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Checklist: 7 Simple Russian Learning Hacks to 10X Your Progress

My Story

I started learning Russian in 2016. A year later I started this site to document my progress in Russian, and to show that learning Russian doesn't need to be difficult. 

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Praise and Testimonials

"Ari's helps you optimize your Russian-learning journey by providing a concise and pragmatic system to follow that adapts to how much free time you have to spend on Russian."

Justin Hammond  English teacher in Russia

"Ari provides timelines and a step-by-step path for the most common types of lifestyles and schedules. He also sets appropriate expectations and gives me confidence that I can achieve a decent level of speaking within the given time-frames, if I just follow the schedules."

Max Jansen PhD student Machine Learning


7 Simple Russian Learning Hacks to 10X Your Progress

Learn the most common mistakes that keep Russian learners from speaking fluent Russian.