ZZ About This Site

Hi there!

Good to see you here. If you’ve clicked on this page, you are probably curious what this site is all about…

The obvious answer is that it’s about Russian (of course – with such a title), but let’s dig a little deeper.

You want to learn Russian, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. You’re probably struggling with getting started. Or, you’ve already started, but have trouble progressing after learning the basics.

I know your problem. I struggled with it myself for a long time. What’s the best way to start learning Russian? Luckily you don’t have to look further. I have participated in a lot of language programs – not only for Russian.

And I can tell you, there are several things that a good program has to have. It has to include

  • Each aspect of language learning (vocabulary, grammar, speaking, listening etc.)
  • Make learning a language fun
  • And finally – you should be able to practice each and every day with the program

Not a lot of courses can check off these three things. But some do. And these are the ones you should be looking for.

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P.S. Contact me below if you’ve got questions!