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About Me.

I started learning Russian in 2016, and haven't stopped. After seeing how many people struggle learning Russian, I decided to start this site to help you get started. I'm also documenting my Russian progress on my YouTube channel: Ари говорит по-русски.

They Say

Justin Hammond

" Ari's Russian Conversational Blueprint optimizes your Russian-learning journey by providing a concise and pragmatic system to follow that adapts to how much free time you have to spend on Russian. It pulls together the fundamentals of a language from reading to speaking by breaking down how much time to dedicate to each aspect and the best resources to maintain your schedule in order to reach a conversational level as efficiently as possible."

Max Jansen

" Ari provides timelines and a step-by-step path for the most common types of lifestyles and schedules. He also sets appropriate expectations and gives me confidence that I can achieve a decent level of speaking within the given time-frames, if I just follow the schedules."

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